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The Geopolitics of Space

∆V Consulting lives at the unique intersection of technology, geopolitics, and industry. We're experts on how innovation influences the "game of empires."

Complexity Simplified

In an environment dominated by governments, influenced by geopolitics, and hostile to mistakes, space can prove to be one of the most difficult markets for non-practitioners to understand. At ∆V, we leverage our experience, background, and networks to provide decision makers and corporate leaders with the insights they need to save time and money.

Our Capabilities

Whether it's industry insight or helping to create complex solutions, we leverage our backgrounds and networks to provide bespoke options for pressing government and commercial space needs.

Combining experience from international sales, foreign service, defense, and intelligence work, ∆V can provide customers with options, knowledge, and actionable information in a timely and discreet manner.

The Team

To learn more about the team and our capabilities, please feel free to contact us.



National Security

Providing insight and support to defense leaders and defense industry contractors



Helping corporations and Venture Capital manage risk, perform detailed due diligence, and understand the international dynamics of innovative technologies



Assisting clients in understanding space activities across the globe.

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